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The Newcastle's online accounts are a safe and convenient way to manage your finances online and these details refer to all products that can be viewed or managed online. We take every step we can to protect your money but it is important that you take precautions to safeguard your account. To find out more simply click on the links below:

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What is Vishing Fraud?

Voice phishing (known as ‘vishing’) is on the rise. It is a technique used by fraudsters to get your personal information over the telephone. In many recent cases scammer’s phone up pretending to be from the Police or your financial institution telling you there is a problem with your accounts. They then attempt to persuade you to move all your money into another ‘safe’ account, sometimes in your own name, by telling you there is a problem with your accounts. Once you have moved the money the fraudster can access the account and withdraws the money.

They often reassure victims it is a genuine request by asking you to contact your financial institution by telephone; however the fraudster does not hang up and tricks the victim into believing you have phoned your bank.

Financial institutions and the Police will NEVER ask you to:

  • Hand over your PIN, cards, goods or cash
  • Transfer funds to a new account for security reasons.
  • Contact you and ask you to divulge personal information.

If someone contacts you making such a request, terminate the call. Ensure the call is disconnected (ring a friend or relative to ensure the line is free, or use a different telephone number) and then call the police or your Bank/Building Society to report it and get further advice.

Make yourself fraud aware to reduce the risks of being the next victim by reading our fraud and security sections.

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